Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The New Proenza Clutch

So this is the new Proenza clutch. I for one wasn't particularly bowled over by the PS13 that was oh-so-awaited last season, but this, on the other hand, is something to talk about. It's a much cleaner look than the PS1 pochette that's been around for several years, and the shape is much more contemporary than the older sister's sort of oversized-wallet vibe. It's almost a little Celine, which nobody ever really minds, right? Not all Proenza bags are hits -- while the PS1 hit It status, the PS1 Keepall was too diaper-bag-like. While the PS11 shoulder bag tops my wishlist, the clutch version is sort of impractical. I can't tell if this is the same as the Lunch Bag they're selling right now, but in updated colours. Either way, these practical colours and prints top my wishlist.


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