Friday, March 14, 2014

Elie Saab Exhibition at Lee Gardens One

I'm guessing most of our readers have few chances to come into close contact with Elie Saab gowns. I mean, I guess you could rifle through them at the boutiques or check them out on, but really, this isn't your everyday wear. And I'm assuming your run-of-the-mill A-lister isn't reading this blog, because I'm modest like that.

You can check out 11 stunning Elie Saab red-carpet gowns from now until the end of April at Lee Gardens One's atrium, where the creations dangle from the ceiling with natural light accentuating their showstopping qualities. The gowns have been worn by the likes of Li Bing Bing, Fang Bing Bing, Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh, Celine Dion, Sarah Jessica Parker, Taylor Swift and Anya Rubik, and are accompanied by photos of the stars on the carpet, as well as the original sketches.

If your gazing gets the best of you, you can get your dirty paws on them at the new Elie Saab boutique, on the second floor of the shopping mall.

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