Friday, December 23, 2011

Goodbye and PS...

Someone messaged me earlier this week to ask advice on which colour of PS1 she should get. Man. This of course immediately sent me on a wild goose chase through cyberspace looking for every colour the PS1 comes in, which THEN alerted me to the new and very tempting availability of the PS1 TOTE. My, my. This is almost the exactly size and strap placement of my favourite Miu Miu bag, which I carried so much it faded from the original awesome pink colour to a dusty, funky greyish purple, without me ever noticing until I stood next to a girl holding a bag in the same "colour" that, when viewed adjacent to mine, wasn't even on the same page of the Pantone guide. I need to take it to one of those bag-cleaning places. Until then, I'm totally sold on the versatility of this, as if the OG PS1 wasn't adaptable enough. It also gives me an excuse to get a another colour of the PS1 without getting the exact same design. That navy seems really rich and easy to match, but you can never go wrong with brown suede either. Though it's the yellow that's very much calling my name. But, um, can it be a bit cheaper please?

On another note, I ways thought the top-row PS1 Keep-all was a bit too mumsy, diaper-bag-y, dorky... but while none of the colourways previous to this season ever enticed me, the print and two-tone incarnations make it much cooler.

This is my last post till next year, by the way, which is why I thought it should end on a good note. And everybody loves a little PS1 I LOVE YOU action! Click on for links to buy, and enjoy yourselves until next year!

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  1. Great Design of Bags. Thanks.

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