Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nail Files: Nailart

I love it when things come back in trend. About three or four years ago, I stumbled upon this nail stamping kit that was amazingly easy to use and subsequently lost the stencils but was always reluctant to throw away the stamp and scrapper. Recently, in my prowls at Cher2, I discovered that it’s back in vogue and the stencils are available for HK$20 each so of course I gotta buy me some and play around with them. As you can see above, you can do a number of patterns and after the cut, a simple step by step guide as to how to do it.

Step 1
Choose two contrasting colours for your nails. I’ve found that matte polish works best with these stencils. Do your nails with the base colour and then blob some nail polish over the stencil you’d like to use. Yes, blob is an official nail polish word. Stop snickering.

Step 2
Scrape away the excess

Step 3
Press the stamp over the stencil

Step 4
Remove the stamp and the pattern should have transferred to the stamp. Stamp it onto your nails, add a top coat and you’re done. Easy peasy right?

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