Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stud Muffin

I thought the trend of studding the crap out of everything had passed, but I guess I was wrong, as evidenced by the fact that almost every studded short is sold out on Sabo Skirt, this site I discovered via the super internet sleuthing skills of Miss Lola Li. I'll admit, the one DIY I've never tried is making the perfect distressed cut-offs, but I'm now toying with the idea, especially given that, in a fit of madness out in Sham Shui Po, I bought like 50 bags of studs with the intention of creating crazy mosaics and 8-bit Pac Man or Alien Invader patterns all over everything I owned. Yeah, THAT clearly happened.

Since I don't own any jeans that are appropriate for this task (everything is tight-tight-tight, because I'm chubby AND slutty, boo-ya!) maybe a studded bra is a better option. Everybody loves a stud muffin, but a stud muffin-top is something NOBODY wants to see.

More studded inspiration below.

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1 comment:

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