Thursday, December 1, 2011

X Marks the Spot

I’m starting to feel a bit like the Geek who cried wolf. I have yet another MAC collaboration to showcase that I am in love with. Yet I can’t stop it, MAC comes up with such awesome collaborations that each time, I go squee when I see it. I mean, from the very start, I’ve told you that I’m superficial and love packaging and the Gareth Pugh for MAC collaboration has some of the best packaging since their Marcel Wanders collaboration. It’s dark, edgy and clean in a simplistic manner. The colours are understandably on the darker spectrum and sure, naysayers might ask what’s so special about turning the products into square shaped containers with a big X on them but I still love it and it’s our blog and I am going to post about it if I want to.

Available starting Dec 5 at the MAC counter in Lane Crawford IFC, MAC stores in Yun Ping Road (Causeway Bay),. Queensway Plaza (Admiralty) and Elements (Kowloon) and at the Gareth Pugh store. Prices range from HK$150 for mascaras to HK$635 for the makeup bag.

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