Thursday, December 22, 2011

Promotional Feature: Chez Patrick

You know Christmas is coming when the calendar reads December and the waistband on your pants starts getting a little bit tight. It's an inevitable side-effect of excessive wining and dining, one of the best perks of the holiday season. But as we Geeks rationalize, if you're going to blow your diet, you'd better make it worth it. And "worth it" is exactly what you'll get at Chez Patrick's trio of restaurant and delis.

For the original Chez Patrick experience, head to the flagship restaurant on Peel Street, where fancy French food is churned from the freshest seasonal produce. Dishes include the likes of foie gras duo, crispy candy with figs and black truffle (uh, yum); roast French spring chicken, rosemary jus, wild chestnut and smoked foie gras mousse (double yum); and stuffed lobster tail with hazelnut and seaweed leaves, baby spinach salad (are you sensing the pattern yet?). It's open this Christmas from December 24-26, and is available for private parties. Lunch at two courses is HK$279 and up; dinner is HK$1,280.

Chez Patrick Deli is no less festive, although the atmosphere veers to the more casual and buzzy. Just the kind of place you'd hope your company would do its Christmas party -- although somehow, your "brilliant" events organizers will probably end up sticking you with something more lame, so you'll have to rent it for a personal party instead. Whatever gets you there, expect a fantastic Christmas menu for HK$680, including a no-less delicious lineup of foie gras terrince, confit apricot jelly and toasted brioche; gratinated fresh oysters; a Christmas turkey plate with chestnut stuffing; and Dauphine potatoes. If you can't dine in, at the very least pick up some goodies for you and your friends: hand-smoked salmon, foie gras, champagne, breads and more. They're the gifts that keep on giving.

Chez Patrick Deli@ Star Street
3 Star Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Email: Tel: 2527 1408

Chez Patrick Deli @ Stanley Plaza
G/F., Shops 05-06, Stanley Plaza, Stanley, Hong Kong
Email: Tel: 2693 5115

Chez Patrick
26 Peel St., Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Email: Tel: 2541 1401


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  1. Wow, the place looks really elegant and classy. Would love to go there!!!!!