Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wear & Share: Mystic Garden

The problem with black-tie events on Friday night in Hong Kong is that nobody ever pays attention to the dress code. Which makes it infinitely more difficult to actually decipher what falls into the realm of appropriate. When you have five girls attending the event together, it becomes a snowstorm of Whatsapp chat messages, all falling into the rather shallow category of "what do I wearrrrrr" with appended mirror self-portraits in various outfits (er, mostly mine). Some threatened to ditch the event, but I couldn't do that to my fellow blogging sistah Valerie, whose company Elysiants hosted the Mystic Garden outdoor ball bash.

In the end, since we had the added pressure of transitioning from black-tie ball to House of Holland hipster-punk party at Fly, I dropped all the boring black ball gowns and went for a hybrid -- Henry Holland-friendly graphic tee and fancy garden party sequined ball skirt. Although, as it turns out, since Fly looked more packed than the Pedder sale at opening time, we gave that a skip. And to think I was worried about being too dressy for Lan Kwai Fong. What I should have been worried about was walking through the wet market to meet the girls in Times Square, or about going to Relax cha chan teng on Kimberley Road to eat a pork-chop bun as my fishtail maxi gave the ground a good sweeping. Or even later on when, at 3 in the morning, I made Foxy climb into my lap for photos as her vicious claws mangled the sequins.

T-shirt: Viktor & Rolf for Lane Crawford (yes, those are Viktor and Rolf themselves)
Skirt: Er random, but from the Off Fifth Black Friday sale 10 years ago!
Necklace: Lanvin x H&M
Ring: YSL. Really want to show it to the YSL salespeople in Times Square. I asked them if they were having their sale yet and they went all snooty on me, like "hell NO, cheapskate." When I leaned over to look at the Arty rings (now in white! gasp!), they were all "ma'am, these NEVER go on sale." Geez. My gf retorted, "It's fine. She already has one, but she got it in Monaco." I don't think they believed us.

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