Sunday, December 18, 2011

If Pigs Could Fly...

Well, this one certainly flew away. After getting all decked out for Elysiant's Mystic Garden bash, I ended up winning one of the lucky draw prizes. The Chopard sunglasses? Nope. Test-drive of the Aston Martin Virage? Thank God, no. Glass paperweight in the shape of a pig by Borowski? Yep.

So I did what one does when one is bestowed with a gift of such extraordinary uniqueness. I toted it around and made everyone I saw take a picture with it. And yes, I mean EVERYONE. Turns out "Will you take a photo with my pig?" makes for a pretty good conversation-starter. Pig made it from The Mira to Relax cha chan teng to the cross-harbour taxi stand to outside of Fly (he/she/it didn't want to brave the crowds elicited by the Henry Holland guest appearance) then finally Play, where it was finally and sadly lost in a covert sting operation that I believe was perpetrated by a fat bald dude and his cohorts. I kid you not. So the relationship between Pig and I was a short one, a brief but torrid affair in the vein of the Bridges of Madison County, except since this is the digital age, I won't write a novel about it to share with my grandchildren -- I'll post a blog about the good times we had that evening. I'll miss you, Pig. May you have a good life, wherever you are.

Guest appearances by: Elysiants darling doyenne Valerie Soh, The List's Beverly Cheng and her hubs Steljan, have-you-Cityseen-my-leather-hotpants Vivian Chen, owner of the best bangs in Hong Kong Erica Fong, "is that a spot on my new YSL shoes? I'm going HOME" Karen Fong (and her friend Calvin), the plus one to end all plus ones Lauren "JLau" Tang, mutil-occupational Gene Soo and his wife S.Nine designer Susanna, the most prolific travel writer ever Nick Walton, Borowski front-man who made me do an interview on how much I love his pig, Elysiants event man and hyperactive gay boy James, freelance-writer-slash-fulltime-babe Samantha Leese, makeup artist and all-around sweetie Marian Woo, blogger Christing Chang and her husband Dan, stylist/Electricsekki blogger/PR/superwoman Priscilla L'Anson and boyfie Boris of, my boo Loretta, her boos Claude and Clara, Forest Bird's wuvly Wami, party-hearty Alan To, someone who is Claude's friend whom I was never introduced to but took a picture with Pig anyway.


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