Friday, December 16, 2011

Screw Santa- Part 1

Keen of eye and loud of mouth, hkManStyleGeek tells you what to look out for on the streets. It ain’t always pretty.

My parents were always straight up with me. When Christmas rolled around they never even messed with the idea that there was a Santa Claus. They would simply ask me what I wanted – then buy it, there and then. I guess they were ahead of their time because by not wrapping any gifts, and not buying any Christmas tree all those years ago they were already being environmentally friendly... But then again they were also soul-destroying Christmas crushers because I never experienced the true spirit of Christmas and never quite understood how to receive gifts.

That's probably why I’m an incredibly difficult person to buy for. Not because I am picky (though some think I am). And not because I have everything (though some think I do). The real reason is that I always buy what I want, when I want. This act of selfless selfishness pisses my wife off to no end. So out of guilt, I’m going to share the top ten things that I have bought myself this year (no easy task as I have been extremely kind to myself). The list is based purely on my own observations, so if you disagree – tough nuts. But I'm sure you'll find a stocking-stuffer idea or two... Here are the first five. Come back next week to see the others.
1. Aeropress coffee maker/Franc Franc coffee grinder
The cleanest cup of coffee ever – paired with the sleekest and slimmest coffee grinder, uh ever, too.
Available at and, respectively.
2. Common Projects trainers
Dress up or down, these are simple trainers that go with everything in my wardrobe. I could wear any one of my 3 pairs on any given day, 365 no doubt.
Available at, I.T or Lane Crawford
3. B&W everything (P5, C5 and MM-1)
Why listen to music when it sounds like shit? B&W products make everything sound clearer and you’ll look better. Coming in at a mid-range price point with high-end design, expect quality better than any Beats by Dre headphone.
You can get most of the B&W products at Fortess (Tai Koo or Mong Kok) or check with
4. Fuji X10
This camera looks and feels great in the hand. It’s loaded with top optics, an optical zoom from 28/2.0-112/2.8, superb optical viewfinder and high iso functionality. My perfect street snapper.
Available at
5. Tom Ford “Jack” sunglasses
I originally bought these as sunglasses, but have since made them prescription. Black acetate frames with great ‘T’ details and a higher nose pad for flat Asian faces.
Available at many stores around the city, but hard-to-get ones can be found here

Photo Credits
Common Projects-
Fuji X10-
Tom Ford "Jack"-
B&W C5, P5 and MM-1-
Santa blackeye pic-

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