Friday, December 9, 2011

A Leg Up

When the leggings trend resurfaced, I was mildly terrified. Not only did I conjure up memories of the 80s but I also started encountering aunties that are wearing leggings as pants. No matter how cut you are, leggings simply can’t be worn as pants and you really don’t need to show off that much of your assets to the rest of the world when traveling by public transport. But as more and more variations appear, I find some interpretations intriguing and my fear of leggings slowly abated as they kept me warm in the winter months. Recently, I just discovered Designed by a former SCMP writer, these leggings and tights comprise of vivid prints influenced by both Eastern and Western elements. Available at Heaven Please in Causeway Bay, these leggings range from HK$410 to HK$450 and the hand printed tights range from HK$210 to HK$250. So if you’re in the mood to brighten up your wardrobe, be sure to check these out. My only advice is to please wear something longer than what the model is wearing over the tights. She can afford to wear cropped tops with them because her role is to show off the tights but in everyday wear, you’ll just end up being mocked.

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