Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Outting the Outfits

From the very beginning, Hong Kong Fashion Geek has not been one of those this-is-what-we-wear kind of blogs. For one thing, we are much too lazy to lug big cameras everywhere we go, lest our lovely handbags get stretched out from the weight. For another, we don't have nice people who are willing to take copious photos of us -- when we needed an instant promo pic for media coverage of the Photo Hunt we did last Feb, it was me and FashionGeek Virginia standing on the streets of North Point pretending to take photos with our iPhone cameras, while her brother Ben snapped as many shots of us as he could bear to do, and my dog was leashed to the gate of an electricity shop that was closed for the evening. People stared, we were awkward. It was kind of painful. But I do sort of like the idea of an outfit log that comes with a personal anecdote, because I tend to have really random-slash-awkward-funny outfit moments. Like when I wore a maxi dress with a belt, and ate too much at lunch and took the belt off. Then at the height of Friday rush hour, as my cross-harbour taxi driver cursed up a storm because he wouldn't make it back to Kowloon in time, he admitted to me the ONLY REASON HE LET ME ON THE CAB IN THE FIRST PLACE IS BECAUSE HE FELT BAD FOR THE PREGNANT LADY.

Anyway, I have mentioned before my love for the Miu Miu SS2010 swallow print once before. And since a similar top was still $8,000 at the outlet, I bought this friendly imitation pictured here in a random Wanchai mall. I paired it with my one-day-old Pleasure Doing Business skirt from Gizzy & Nacho, awesome I'm-taller-than-you Charles & Keith boots and a gold bow-tie from Chapel that was from our choose-it-yourself Geek's Christmas gift extravaganza. And my trusty PS1 of course. You know what's embarrassing? You're waiting for me to tell you here that I got busted bumping into the PR of Miu Miu or something. Nope. Instead, I get in the elevator and see some auntie/see-lai wearing a fake Miu Miu top. Except hers is totally SS2011.

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