Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tote-ally Easy DIY

Back in April when e_ting organized a Threadless meet up, I eagerly raised my hands to join in. Little did we know that our night of doodling designs and crazy Asian poses competition will win us the meetup challenge and entice the Threadless founder and crew to fly over from Chicago to meet us last week. If only it were on a Friday so we didn’t have to worry about going to work the next day! Everyone who was there pretty much got free swag but my favourite part of the evening was the repurpose your old Threadless t-shirt table where there were instructions on how to make your tee into a skirt, scarf and tote bag WITHOUT THE NEED TO SEW. Yes I felt the need to highlight the non-sewing aspect as that is always something that I have difficulty with.

I immediately set out to make the tote bag and it was unbelievably easy, so much so that I’m going to walk you through the steps below. Thanks to Connvoyage for the photos of me hard at work and our beginning shot!

What you will need, a guy's t-shirt.

And a pair of scissors. That's all.

Lay your tee flat. Remove the sleeves including the sleeve seams and cut a square neck along the collar (front and back) to form the straps of the bag.

Cut one inch wide strips about five inches into the shirt. Remember to cut up each side seam to create end strips.

Double knot each corresponding front strip to the matching strip on the back and continue until all are tied.

And that's it. Easiest DIY ever!

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  1. LOVE! Need a pic of you modeling it! :D

  2. Hooray! But yes, where is the pic of you rocking the tote? :-) I still want to try to make that scarf too!

  3. @Rita, I need you to take a good shot of me!

    @Connie, that image was a bit off in colour compared to the others, not very clear for some reason and showed up blurry when I tried to load it so had to remove it unfortunately.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Be that as it may, you should still show a pic of you rocking that tote! :-)

  6. Awww, I wished I stopped by HK during the Threadless Meetup! At least I know how to make a Threadless tote. :D