Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Stitch in time

Back when I still had time on my hands, I loved cross stitching. It seemed amazing that for someone who has no talent with the needle what so ever that by making little crosses, a picture could emerge. The thing with cross stitching was that I never knew what to do with the finished products. I always ended up just making these little pillows that were of no use whatsoever. If I were to take up the hobby again though, I’ve discovered the perfect thing to cross stitch, an iPhone case. Connect Design has come up with the Neostitch case range which is a series of colour cases that you can stitch fun designs on. It comes with patterns ranging from Super Mario bros, Superman to Keroro but of course you can make anything you want. I’d probably want to stitch the Geek glasses onto the case just to show some Geek pride. Available for $18 from Connect Design.(Note while the page is in English, the rest of the shipping process is in Korean so it might take some Google translating to order.)

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