Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Create and Relate

What's so beautiful about shopping Luxirare is that the online store and blog are so very complementary. It's a very compelling experience, to be able to read about the entire conception and creation of a product. So while I'm all about checking out someone's outfit or living vicariously through someone's food journal (although the blog also features awesome recipes documented science-lab style), I also love seeing an enterprising narrative as it's being played out in real time. In this case, it's watching a journey that begins with the idea of origami, and traverses the sketching process and translation into various colourways, emerging complete with a captivating dust bag -- in disco paper. There are a million DIY blogs out there, but very, very few achieve the sophistication of Luxirare's, whether in product, concept, photography, presentation or strength of vision and personal aesthetic. It's also why this bag can retail for just under US$400. If you think about it, you could get, say, the DVF Lytton clutch for less than that.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words. So is a blog entry worth US$385?

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