Friday, August 5, 2011


So maybe I'm not the biggest Shanghai Tang fan (though that's not to say I don't like the brand). I wouldn't live or die to see Hu Bing or Zhang Zhilin, either. I am, however, a huge fan of the work of mainland Chinese fashion and art photographer Chen Man -- which reminds me, must do a post on her personal work some time. And Chen is the woman who shot these wonderful images for Shanghai Tang's just-released fall-winter campaign featuring two of China's most well-known model faces. And since we all love a well-documented behind-the-scenes viddy, that's what we have up here too.

The clothing for this season isn't based on the usual muse, which tends to be a particular city or region from which inspiration can be derived. Instead, the idea is to embrace all of China and the fact that the country is quickly finding its footing in the global trend scene. What this means in a more practical sense is that, while Shanghai Tang has in the past preferred to march to its own beat, it will now purvey its brand of chinoiserie in the context of global style. To put it in plain terms, they've decided to get hip. And nothing really says hip like working with a top fashion photographer, especially if said fashion photographer happens to be the hottest little thing around, both literally and figuratively. Seriously, check out Chen Man's campaign photos and personal portrait after the jump -- she's as stunning as her work.

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