Friday, August 19, 2011


After a three-day detox plan to attempt to kickstart my body into some sort of functionality, there's nothing I crave more than a good sandwich, because bread is, like, the most important thing in the food pyramid -- nay, in the WORLD. They say after a detox you stop craving sinful foods. "They" would be wrong. Or maybe I just didn't do it for long enough, who knows.

Because I'm back on real meals and yet I can't stop thinking about heading down to MO Bar for a sandwich and soup set. Caryn, the PR and my partner-in-pigginess, invited me down in order to try the winning entry in the "Comfort Foods of the East and West" recipe competition the hotel held, a fantastic multi-layered pulled-pork sandwich laden with secret sauce, colourful veg, a poached egg and fun crunchy bits. It was everything you could want in a sandwich, and since 10% of the profits go to charity, it means you're eating for a good cause. As if I needed more of an excuse to munch away.

There's also a soup, in case the sandwich isn't enough. Which it totally is, but... well, you may not understand what you're dealing with here, but my stomach capacity would shock you.

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