Thursday, August 25, 2011

SHOErotica: Toms x The Row

It's sort of a rite of passage for every gal to own a pair of Toms, but in my blind passion for stupid heels that hurt your feet, ruin your posture and cause hazards every time a hill or incline is in sight, I bypassed that whole phase. It was very lucky indeed, then, that the girls at Pedder Group gifted me and a colleague with Toms x The Row shoes -- especially as my new office is situated on a hill, and rolling down to Queen's Road Central might actually turn into rolling down to Queen's Road Central, if I keep trying to walk down there in my normal vertiginous shoes.

These are the perfect Grandpa-chic shoes -- and can be bought at On Pedders or Lane Crawfords around town. Now I need to get me a glitzy glittery pair for summer, too!

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