Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shopping on a Budget

A common question that we get asked often is how we can afford all the seemingly high end fashion stuff that we own. After all, it’s not like ShoeGeek and I are dripping with money. Well let me tell you a little tip, we shop a lot but don’t necessarily buy. And it’s easy to look expensive (I always hear Alex Perry in my mind when that term is used) when there are countless warehouse sales in Hong Kong. But besides shopping warehouse sales, what can you do? Read on for a few tips:

Mix up the price range of your clothing
This is just basic style advice. No one should look like they just walked off the runway, there’s no originality there. We Geeks like it when people mix it up. And when we are talking about cheap buys, we do mean cheap. Maple, pretty much around every corner in Causeway and Wanchai has awesome disposable pieces in the price range of HK$60 to HK$100. Jardine’s Bazaar can always be counted on for accessories that you can mix and match with high end goods. Pair these disposable pieces with your high end clothes and no one will be the wiser.

Search for unique pieces
It’s easy to shop cheap and cheerful pieces but make sure you always have something unique in your outfit. That will separate you away from the pack and if you work your wardrobe around it, the basics and cheap pieces will be complementary as opposed to a boring outfit. Scour little boutiques, ebay and online shops for brands not readily available in Hong Kong.

Basics should not be expensive
There’s a reason basics are called basics, there aren’t too much detail involved which is why places like H&M, Zara, Uniqlo are awesome for these pieces. Paired with unique pieces and you’re set.

This goes back to our classic bags post. If something has been a hit for the past decade, then it’s likely to remain a hit. Rather than buying cheap style knockoffs, invest in a quality piece that will last longer. Our tips for this would be to buy accessories or shoes. After all, you may just lose those 20 pounds and what will you do with a too large trench coat ten years from now?

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