Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Waddup DOG

An after-dinner stroll with the pup was the perfect photo-taking excursion. Until I was (as usual) forcing Foxy to be a prop in our circus of photographic shame, balancing her on the ledge outside Ligne Roset that was outfitted with treacherous metal balls to stop smokers from using it as a bench. I know this because I used to work in this building. And as I was crouched on the floor snapping away, luck would have it that I bump into my ex-colleagues, who were working super late to get the September issue out.

You always bump into people when you're doing the stupidest stuff. For me, it's usually when I forget to bring a reusable bag to Park n Shop and refuse to pay 50 cents for a plastic one, so I'm ambitiously balancing 13 items in the cradle of my arms. At least I wasn't in my pajamas, like I usually am. Instead: draped top from Filene's Basement 10 years ago AND PROUD OF IT, ruffled green skirt from Nuj Novakhett at Gizzy & Nacho, boots H&M, necklace Arden B from my mom. Oh and trusty dog-walking bag gifted from a hotel in Monte Carlo.

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  1. You look fab! I love the top! But I must say Foxy is your best accessory, she is so darn cute!