Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MAC Daddies

All the good bloggers have written about the MAC Me Over party already, since it took place almost two weeks ago... but I ain't good. I'm a baaad girl. Hopefully that shameless piece of innuendo will be consolation enough.

MAC Me Over is MAC Cosmetics' latest collection, which will be released later this week (Sept 1 I believe). And so to show off how fab the whole this is, they had a party, complete with makeup counters so that everyone could get makeovers. Great idea, even if I was totally unwilling to get in line because I was too busy snapping everyone else's makeovers.

First off, the campaign individuals -- truly, the power of makeup is great. Translation, you can be an ugly bitch and still look hot, if you have makeup. True story. I'm being plagued by the worst acne attack of my life, but life must go on... and makeup is the ONLY reason I am willing to leave the house.

Laura in the best best Prada skirt everrrrr.

Denise, Sha and mommy Susan in what I though were matching white shirts, until I uploaded the photos and realized that Denise ruined it with her blueness. YAH. Admire her steamy glasses. No shoes because they were obscured by the pseudo-velvet rope that separated us commoners from zee queens of zee world!

Makeup! My picks -- the deep red, Rebel, and the more true red, Runaway.

The idea that boys can do makeup is a slippery slope. On the one hand, there are awesome vampirically sexy examples like this whole undead rock star look...

And then there are my odd and useless friends who thought it would be funny to get the smokey eye done after a few drinks. And then promptly realized how stupid they looked and wiped it off. I totally yelled at them for wasting the professional makeup artist's time, don't worry.

Claude: Do not post this on Facebook.
Me: Don't worry I won't. I'll post it on my blog, I'm sure no one will ever see it.
Claude: Okay. Just no Facebook.

Et apres, it was off to Linguini Fini to watch people eat pasta while I detoxed on veggies... self shoe-portraits in the lobby at home... and the best part of the night -- ripping open the goodie-bag! (I know it's shameful to admit, but it's true and you know it.) Inside: a powerpoint eye pencil in super-useful black, a lip conditioner and a Cremesheen Glass lip gloss in Fashion Scoop.

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