Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bag Lady 101- Part 1

Regular readers of Hong Kong Fashion Geek will know that we have two weekly columns that appear come rain or shine, the Bag Lady and Shoerotica; FashionGeek and ShoeGeek’s respective obsessions. Now we must declare that both of us are equal opportunity purveyors of fashion but there is something about bags for me and shoes for ShoeGeek that makes us go squee. My biggest regret is not having started investing in quality classic bags at a young age and instead spending a few thousand here or there in buying imitations that mimic the classics. When you add up all the bags I’ve bought and thrown away after a few seasons, it becomes evident that classics may just be the way to go. After all, my pride and joy now is the vintage Chanel 2.55 that I’ve ‘rescued’ from my mom’s closet and it’s about 20 years old. So behold five bags that every fashionista should know about. Be sure to stay tuned for a continuation of this segment as I’m finding that there are definitely more than five that I want to talk about!

Chanel 2.55
The Chanel 2.55 is one of the few bags that retain its value, kind of like the Rolex of bags. I’ve only seen the price increase and the resell value of a Chanel 2.55 in good condition is high. Much like other classic bags, this one is versatile enough to work as an evening bag with a gown or a casual day time bag slung over your t-shirt paired with jeans.

Louis Vuitton Speedy
With over 70 years in history and going strong, the LV Speedy is relatively inexpensive compared to other luxury bags. The beauty of a Speedy is that it’s quite lightweight and is able to hold a lot of stuff inside. It’s the perfect bag for traveling as the bag folds flat so perfect if you need something classy yet you don’t want to lug around extra space taking bags.

Hermes Birkin/Kelly
Perhaps the most famous bag of all, Hermes’ Birkins and Kellys are renowned for the exquisite craftsmanship and the uber long waiting list for those who can afford them.

Balenciaga Motorcycle
Incredibly soft lambskin leather combined with an edgy city girl style in just about any colour imaginable, what’s not to love? The beauty of this bag is that you don’t have to be uber delicate with it. The leather only gets softer as you use the bag.

Tod’s D Bag
As mentioned previously, the D-Bag is a luscious leather tote that's painstakingly made, and resembles a slouchy version of the Loewe Amazona, or a less logo-conscious YSL Easy. Definitely on our coveted list.

Images Net-a-Porter, from various brands and our own

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  1. HATE LV MONOGRAM! they effectively jack up prices for plastic-y faux leather bags...BAD LV! x

  2. Got a point there Jolene but on the other hand, it is iconic and I love that it folds flat.. makes storing bags a LOT easier..

  3. I like Designer Handbag. Designer purses are really look awesome. I Like Italian and Indian Designer Handbags They have unique design. And In Indian Designer Handbags embroidery Clutch Bags. they look quit Royal in wedding and party. Tod’s D Bag is also Great and having unique design.