Monday, August 8, 2011


The maxi skirt has become a fairly permanent fixture on the fashion agenda, transitioning neatly into the spring-summer season thanks to examples provided by Jil Sander and championed by the likes of Kate Bosworth. And Zara has kindly provided some great copycat skirts in bright blues and greens. The beauty of the maxi skirt lies in its ease -- if you haven't shaved your legs, its okay. If you don't want to wear heels, no one can see them anyway. If you don't feel like figuring out what to wear on top, a white T-shirt will more than suffice as an awesome style statement. In short, it's the perfect garment to own if you wish to flaunt your style savvy but can't be bothered to carefully choreograph an outfit from head to toe.

Almost as flattering is the midi skirt, which offers similar advantages but a little less coverage from the ankles down. Flats are still appropriate, but depending on the thickness of your calves, you may want to stray from ankle boots and other such items that will make you look dwarfish.

We love these colourful contributions from Shopbop, including this long pleated one from Tibi, the sheer mint Wink Serafin skirt and the brilliant grape Ilaria long slit skirt from Alice & Olivia. Looking ahead to fall, it seems that slit maxis will come to the fore so as to throw a little sexiness into the mix.


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