Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bistronomique Fakeout

Because of family lunch commitments, dog commitments, wakeboarding commitments and general laziness prevailing, I actually rarely get out for Sunday brunch, so it was a big deal to shed all of the aforementioned to book a table at Bistronomique on Davis Street in Kennedy Town last Sunday. I called and asked for a table at 2pm so we could walk the dogs and get ready leisurely, and we strolled in at 2:10pm, no unreasonably late hour if you ask me (I, at least, certainly routinely wait for others in excess of 15 minutes). Imagine my surprise to be told that the restaurant closed at 2pm on the dot and since we hadn't arrived and ordered by that hour, our reservation would not be honoured. Are you f---ing serious? I don't live in Kennedy Town, so to go all the way there (using a combination of a car, our wits and Google Maps) to be told "sorry, buh-bye" was kind of a big annoyance. I understand if you have to close at a certain hour, but then DON'T TAKE RESERVATIONS FOR 2PM. OR TELL US, AT LEAST, THAT 2PM IS LAST ORDER. And when you're turning customers away who have travelled 20 or 30 minutes to your district, perhaps a more apologetic or understanding attitude might be nice, instead of a dirty "it's your own damn fault" look.

So, this isn't actually a review of Bistronomique (or if it is, it's a bad one), but a look at the neighbouring restaurant-bar concern, the simply named Davis. I figured since Davis Street is supposed to be the Soho of K-Town, this might be interesting to someone. We got mussels in white-wine sauce, a crabmeat burger, a jumbo burger and fish & chips. You can't really go wrong with any of those dishes, and they were hearty in portion with ample side orders to match. If you're in the area and craving a chill-out joint with good atmosphere, decent food and a good selection of cocktails and other liquor, then you could do worse. At the very least, the lady was eager-to-please (she was quick with the napkins when a droplet of sauce fell on my PS1, and you can't fault that), rather than mean and clock-watching.

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  1. Wow, is business that good at Bistronomique to give them balls to treat customers like crap?

  2. Not very good service indeed! Might want to reflect this with David - who is probably having trouble keeping up standards at both places ! : )

    His food is good though, what a shame! Customers feelings always come first!!