Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Graphic Gifts

I posted about Graphic Image's python iPad and laptop cases before, but it seemed apt, with the whole let's-use-our-laptop-cases-as-clutches! movement, to revisit the site. In addition to crocodile-embossed or regular leather laptop cases that fall neatly into that category, there were a whole host of other great gift ideas, namely: crocodile-embossed dictionaries and thesauruses for the stylish nerd, crocodile-embossed coasters for the sophisticated man to rest his whisky glass, and bright monogrammed business-card holders for the birdbrain to store her business cards (by "her", I mean me, who keeps namecards in every nook and cranny in every bag and jacket pocket except, usually, the one I'm currently holding). The colours are so juicy, too, sort of reminiscent of the PP4E x Vicious Venom Deinos Saurus collection.

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1 comment:

  1. Are you talkin' about me when you say let's use our laptop cases as clutches? Well, I'm using my Pierre Hardy iPad case as a clutch! It's great! ;p