Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feel Good Muse

Yves Saint Laurent has introduced a limited edition of sixty Muse Two Artisanal Recycled bags of which twenty will be allocated to Hong Kong, yes a third of the total lot which I assume means that Mainland China is definitely a target for this bag much like all the other luxury goods. This bag comes with plenty of feel good factor as it utilises the artisanal handiwork of women from Burkina Faso along with the support from ‘Les Filles du Facteur’ – a non-profit organisation that aims to realise, promote and sustain the social, cultural and artistic values akin to women and children who face difficulty around the world. Being geographically challenged, I admit that I had to google Burkina Faso before finding out that it’s a country in West Africa. The bag is made of a textile that is composed of recycled plastic bags and woven cotton procured at fair trade exclusively by Yves Saint Laurent. How can you say no to the bag with its gorgeous looks, social responsibility and exclusiveness? Retail price HK$ 15,160. Available in stores now.

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