Friday, May 13, 2011

Mind Block

Colour blocking. You should be doing it, if you consider yourself in any way a part of today's style zeitgeist. The easiest way is to pick a couple of clashing separates from your wardrobe and throw 'em together in that haphazard "I just threw this on, and I didn't spent 30 minutes figuring out which shades of coral are so-wrong-it's-right rather than so-wrong-it's-still-wrong" way. But there are mornings on which you feel lazy, mornings on which you're so colour-blind it's all you can do to put your makeup on properly without looking, as the Chinese say, like a monkey's ass. And on those mornings, it's nice to have your colour-blocking ready-made, pre-matched so that it's waiting for you on the hanger to slip on and go. Now the only question is... what shoes to wear?

1st row L-R: Givenchy dress, Vionnet dress, Issa gown.
2nd row L-R: Pixie Market top, Martin Lamote silk blouse, DVF dress.

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  1. I LOVE those peach shorts on the bottom row middle!

  2. I wish I had the waist to pull off those peach shorts.

    The Issa and DVF dresses are ones I would actually go buy.

  3. @Connie the peach shorts are cute but like Joyce says, you need a waist to pull it off

    @Joyce those two dresses are my fav too!