Monday, May 30, 2011

Woman Warrior

I was looking through our archives and I can't believe we've never blogged about Norwegian Wood, the Etsy seller who provides quirky blogger girls like Susie Bubble with such randomly awesome accessories as cage-skirts and bow-tie necklaces. The designer/shop owner also makes awesome suspender-inspired harnesses for layering and instant edge. But lately, I'm looking more at the jewellery, which is wonderful in its uniqueness and haphazard approach to inspiration and aesthetic. So you might find a very Aztec-looking warrior woman necklace... or a sort of 8-bit video-game-inspired choker that looks like it might be what Miss Pac-Man puts on for a night on the town (if only she had a neck!)... or neon tassel earrings brighter than an acid trip, so long and fluid they might just be the snot of the gods (does that sound gross? The snot of the gods is still blessed, I think.) If you're intrigued, then check out the rest of the compelling and diverse collection below.

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