Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oceans '11

My co-worker Vivienne, who's more charitable than me, and who is also a kung-fu guru who can kick your ass, says that we should all go to Oceans '11, a charity fundraiser to benefit a number of water-related associations: Ocean Recovery Alliance, Hong Kong Shark Foundation and Earth Island Institute: Save Japan Dolphins. Get tickets here or else Vivienne WILL kick your ass.

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1 comment:

  1. Yes, too true! Vivienne is not be messed with when it comes to cool events for a great cause...

    And buy your tickets in advance! The internet guest registration and the electronic SMS ticketing systems donated for use by Oceans '11 (Amiando and Teamwork Communication) are super slick! You must have the SMS ticket to get in, as well as to be entered into the door prize draw at 1030pm! And there is a limited number of tickets...

    In addition to the supporters on that ad layout, Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga are offering a 6 month complimentary membership as a door prize. Also, Makha Diop of the African Drumming and Dance Connection has come on board as a live performer jamming with the DJs!

    So check out for the updated website and Party With A Purpose: Oceans '11 Fundraiser to see more info about the event, the charities, the performers, the numerous supporters and door prizes!

    Thanks for posting the Oceans '11 Event, HK Fashion Geek! Much appreciated!

    See you on June 11th!

    Kris Sawatzky
    Party With A Purpose
    Oceans '11 Event Director