Friday, May 27, 2011

Swimsuit Edition

Okay listen up kids and listen good. This season's swim is going to be about bohemian bondage. They said so over at Tavik and I've gotta tell you, I'm buying. What's cool about these photos is that they're styled so differently (hippie meth princess at 80s Purple or cheerleader-turned pageant queen at Revolve Clothing) but both ways, you still want to buy the bikini. In a strange way, it gives hope that buying swimwear online isn't such a lost cause. Like, even though you aren't that cookie-cutter gal in the magazine, you still might look okay. I feel like I went kinda Tyra on you guys there. But she's going to be the new Oprah, I'm telling you. Back to the swimwear -- love the strappy-happy thing on the second one and the crop-top-cum-bikini-top thing going on with the top one. And the general trippy punk colours. You know the drill, pics after the cut.

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  1. free people has the sophia bikini in solid and leopard too

    karmaloop also has some pieces from tavik and save 20% until May 31st with code 'mayday20"

  2. Did you just look that up or were you surfing for bikinis too? I need one for boat trip but i'm still fraaat minus the R