Monday, May 23, 2011

Rules of the Riviera

If you follow my tweets you'll know I've just returned from Cannes, land of the beautiful and shallow. And yes, even if you are deep and soulful and -- God forbid -- ugly, upon landing on the Riviera city's Croisette, you too will become beautiful and shallow. Chalk it up to a lethal combination of mob mentality (which accounts for the latter) and enough beautification artists to fill a small island (which helps with the former). Even cynics like me get swept up in the rush of perfume, hairspray and sunshine. The whole affair is like Paris Fashion Week meets the Oscars meets a weekend at the beach, all the chilled-out-ness of Pucci with the glamour and glitz of Roberto Cavalli -- two labels, incidentally, you'll spot all over the place.

I feel pretty proud of my packing skills when it came to this trip; I brought seven outfits for three nights, translating into four day outfits and three evening looks, and I wore every single item I brought (except the swimwear; no time for beach and tanning); I even managed to garner a few compliments on my footwear from fellow fashion editors and one Best Actress winner :). So I'm still very inspired to stay in that mode of Cannes, the easy-breezy and effortlessly chic style espoused by the girls who rule the Riviera. That means:

Epic fitted day dresses in if-it-ain't-broke silhouettes with gawk-worthy footwear... below: dresses by Alice + Olivia and Rachel Roy.

Slim-cut maxis with low heels instead of thong sandals along with flat-topped straw hats... below: maxis by Blue Life and Daftbird.

Ethereal all-whites paired with impeccably done makeup and a striking shade of lip... below: Raquel Allegra jumpsuit and Wink maxi skirt.

Oh, don't forget accessories -- either haute joiallerie provided by the brands or (for the commoners) delicate chains so thin they're almost floating.. below: Gorjana Viceroy bracelet and Taner bar necklace.

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