Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Skin Tight

You probably know about me and python and my irrational, politically incorrect love for it. (Foie gras too, for whoever's keeping track.) In the continuing trend of buying ridiculous expensive cases for sort of affordable appliances... here's Graphic Image's sick iPad and laptop case covers at Oak. If the pictures don't lie (and hips don't, so why should pictures) then this has the supple sheen of a botox-treated Zagliani bag, except while my own Zagliani bag hardly ever sees the daylight for fear that it might just rain -- it is Hong Kong, right? -- this will stay safely inside your bag and safely dry, which makes it a much better investment than a HK$30,000 bag.

Oh, and it's sort of sufficiently well-priced that you can get one for the person who's got it all, because I bet she doesn't have a python gadget case.

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