Friday, November 19, 2010

Twitter Tips: Best Buffets in Hong Kong

This week's Twitter Tips question comes from one of our readers: Where are the best places for buffets in HK? #hkfgtwittertips As the week went on, we discovered that most of the suggestions were from hotels so we decided to include semi-buffets as well. Enjoy the recommendations!
(Image: Zuma brunch)

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@hkFashionGeek #hkfgtwittertips cafe TOO at Island Shangri-La!

@hkFashionGeek Zuma for brunch on Sunday!

@hkFashionGeek well I'm not the leading authority but zuma brunch is pretty amazing

@hkFashionGeek: Come on, Clipper Lounge at @MO_HKG for buffet!

@hkFashionGeek grand hyatt

@hkFashionGeek me and my friends are planning a seafood buffet lunch at Yamm at the Mira soon!

@hkFashionGeek I like cafe Too at Island Shangri-la for buffets #hkfgtwittertips

@hkFashionGeek JW Marriott for their famous Salad Bar during weekdays, Brunch @ Plateau Gd Hyatt during weekends :) #hkfgtwittertips

@hkFashionGeek The Sunday brunch buffet at the Sheraton is yummy! All you can eat foie gras!

@hkFashionGeek Intercontinental Hotel TST

@hkFashionGeek buffets are kinda rare outside hotels, no? I rmbr there were semi buffets (antipasti & dessert) at Bistecca & Prime I liked!

@hkFashionGeek Best buffets in HK are in private members clubs. Helena May, American Club & Aberdeen Marina Club come to mind.

@hkFashionGeek I recently went to habitu ristorante where they had a one-time-a-year only BBQ buffet and it was hands down one of the best?

@hkFashionGeek how about brunch buffet at Top Deck? If you don't eat, they have bubbles

@hkFashionGeek #hkfgtwittertips If a sushi buffet can be included I can recommend in Central: Rest. Wanya,New World Tower,M/F,18 Prince Rd.

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