Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Geek Spy: iRetrofone

Remember that iPad typewriter we featured a while back? I've just stumbled upon it's cousin, the iRetrofone which essentially converts your iPhone into a piece of nostalgia. The iRetrofone comes in a variety of colours from clear to lime green to pink all made in out of resin. My favourite is the one showcased above, the steampunk edition. Looks amazingly cool and will undoubtedly be a conversation starter, that is, if you have a spare iPhone to leave at home fully docked as I imagine the effect will not be the same if you have visitors coming over, seeing the empty stand and you having to put your iPhone into it. Speaking of which, I actually DO have a spare iPhone lying around AND I just moved into a new apartment.. maybe I should consider getting this... however, at US$350, maybe it's a splurge better spent elsewhere...

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