Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Singapore Swing

There are two key reasons I go to Singapore: Topshop and chilli crab. The Singapore chilli crab triumvirate (coming from a decidedly touristy perspective) include Long Beach, Jumbo and No Signboard, each of which has its own charms. Jumbo at Clarke Quay is by far my favourite, because it serves a bad-ass crab in a lovely location, but I do recall Long Beach as being pretty good too, even though its location is not as desirable.

For last week's one-day trip to Singapore, we decided to hit up No Signboard at Vivo City because it was the only place that would take a reservation with one hour's notice on a Friday night. Definitely not as good as the Esplanade outpost. The signature crustacean is actually the white pepper crab, but we ordered the chilli crab and butter crab because we're strange like that.

At No Signboard, everybody gets crab. It's like Yung Kee and the roasted goose effect. The chilli crab is saucy, and I like a dish with substance because then you can get deep-fried man tous for dipping. FRIED BREAD, Jesus Christ I thank you for that. It's not uncommon to see people with takeaway boxes filled with sauce, and an extra order of man tous for a midnight snack.

The butter crab was a new addition to the lineup. It's light so you can taste the sweetness of the meat, but just slightly buttery for that depth of flavour.

Other must-try dishes include:

The cereal-encrusted prawns. Fried with crushed and sweetened cereal, it's got awesome texture, a pretty unique sweet taste and plenty of meaty shrimp. If only I had a slave-man whose sole purpose in life was to peel my shrimps. Bane of my existence.

There's also stuffed you tiao (oil fried ghosts!), a pretty damn addictive appetizer dish. It's stuffed with some bouncy fun shrimpy stuff. Once you pop, you don't stop.

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