Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Newly Minted

I can’t quite wrap my mind around the idea that The Franklin Mint is now offering designer fashion jewelry. When I hear the words Franklin Mint and jewellery, I immediately thought it would be pieces that only utilises coins in its designs which would make sense considering its origins. And while I saw a few of these pieces such as bracelets, they've got quite a few other designs that aren't coin related which are quite nice such as the one pictured. Designers Romero Britto, Coralia Leetsa and Michelle Rhodes all have jewellery collections available at the site. In addition, it seems the brand has expanded their product line so much that it now includes sculptures, deluxe games, precision die-cast models, collector dolls, and other collectibles. So now the website is a cacophony of Michelle Obama dolls, Harley Davidson pocketknives and actual coin collections. How very random and odd. A one-stop shop for all your Christmas shopping needs perhaps?

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