Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Making a Splash

We have this fabulous bookshelf at the new place, filled with various nooks and crannies in which to store my millions of magazines, my colourful and random collection of books, and an assortment of "display items" that in theory should add colour and design interest into my life. Sadly, outside of a trio of Swarovski mice and a vintage Superman lunchbox and salt 'n pepper shaker set, I have no cool-looking display items of which to speak. (And let's face it, we're really toeing the line with the whole "Of Mice and Supermen" theme. Let's not even bring up the monkeys and Care Bear.) Along comes the sweet and stylin' Adrian to the rescue, sending me this relic from a past Loewe event, a ceramic sculpture of a paint can erupting with all the eloquent power of a volcano outburst. He asked me: pink, orange or purple? I being me, hesitated exactly zero seconds before replying PINK, PREASE... I could rationalize that I turned down orange and purple because of their proximity in hue to fruit juices orange and grape, but let's face it -- girlfriend loves her some pink. I heart you Adrian!

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  1. Where can I get a bookshelf like this?

  2. I had mine custom made to the size of my wall (any contractor can do it easily) but you can also buy them at Horizon Plaza or, if you're brave enough, at the furniture mall "Hao bai nian" in Shenzhen on Bao An Bei Lu (taxi will know it)

  3. ooh love this bookshelf. could you please post a photo of it so we can see all of it?