Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alexander the Great, or the Wang Dynasty

So, regarding what I said on Monday about trend-following. This is exactly what I mean. Why would you NOT want to follow the masses... when what the masses want is this? Denise posted pics from the whole collection and I am shamelessly poaching them, in a sort of want-list kind of manner. A "want-list" is different from a "wish-list" in that the latter is a list of things you actually might get, whereas the former is just an alternate-universe kind of want, in which said universe has no limitations on budget or closet space or feelings of guilt for materialism.

And what I WANT is:

Hot little flat handbag in any or all colours:

Olive-green ankle boots and white cut-out loafers:

I dub them my desert rose sextet. I have the Freja motorcycle boots in black, I can't believe I never even considered they might ever appear in KHAKI. And if you know me, "she of the khaki boot fetish," that is kind of strange

Mint Diego bucket bag and Coco duffel:

These awesome hybrids of the YSL Downtown and the Givenchy Nightingale, two awesomely stylish yet practical carryalls. Me likey the dove grey:

Speaking of dove grey, also this vaguely bondage-y shoulder bag. And the grey backpack you saw up top:

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