Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Celebrity Sighting: Maggie Cheung in Lanvin x H&M

Maggie Cheung hit up a gala dinner for Audi's A8 in this Lanvin x H&M dress, which is incidentally on my wish list for today. (By the time this posts, I may or may not have it in my hands. Eek!) In spite of the kind of freaky Afro and the slightly dorky kitten heels, I still think she wears this well. I met her the next day when she was giving press interviews. She was simultaneously both gracious and endearing, and the infectious way she smiles with her eyes looking up is even more mesmerizing in person than in movies. She changed outfits to be photographed by each publication (which is quite considerate and unheard of with major stars) and the lucky local magazine that went before us got her in the black ruffled skirt and face T-shirt, also Lanvin x H&M, along with the black pointy-toe heels. Jesus, girlfriend is in good shape. She's model-thin and is emotes like a photographer's dream. I'm not often star-struck (the last time was when I was watching Anson Chan get froyo) but this was... major.

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  1. Mag's a legend! Not sure about the 'fro though!


  2. Or the kitten heels with an above the knee anything!