Friday, June 3, 2011

Singing Praises

My fascination with pearls didn’t come about until I had the opportunity to visit a pearl farm during harvest and experience first hand, how South Sea pearls are created. I used to think that pearls are rather ordinary beings, and after all, there’s a reason for why diamonds are chosen as a girl’s best friends but the more I learnt about how much effort goes into creating a pearl, the more enthralled I was with this jewel. Keishi pearls in particular always caught my eye as these were the irregular shaped pearls that aren’t grown but rather come from a small grain that somehow gets caught in the oyster.

So when good friend Susan Sng (and super mom of Superwowomg ) launched her Susan Sng line, it was great to see the keishi pearl honoured. Susan uses a variety of materials such as colored agate, silver, cloisonne and Swarovski crystals with these pearls and most pieces are only limited to one per design. She also has an awesomely wide price range where you can get a piece from a couple hundred dollars to higher end pieces that is priced at about $10,000. Click on to see some of her designs.

All sales are by private appointment and she can be contacted at

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