Monday, June 20, 2011

Aye for Acrylic

I don't know about you, but when I was in school one of my favourite classes was CDT -- Craft, Design and Technology. We learned things like how to use a vise or a coping saw, or how to put a piece of acrylic over a line of heat and then bend it to make cool shapes. The latter technique forms the basis for designs by French furniture firm Acrila, who recently sent me a miniature model of one of its cute modern pieces, which is now sitting pretty on the side table adjacent to my couches, sort of diagonally in front of two framed black-and-whites of lonely chairs, which lie against the wall next to the massage chair. Yeah, I take a pretty literal approach to interior design. I match my chairs with more chairs and my Buddhas with more Buddhas.

My particular miniature features a trompe l'oeil baroque armchair print, perfectly selected in pink by Plug PR's Kimbie Mills because, well, who can't tell we love pink? We're drenched in every shade of pink on this blog, so it's no surprise that my home features some hefty highlight doses of fuschia.

Onto Acrila. The brand takes single sheets of Plexiglass and cuts and bends them into perfectly balanced shapes, then prints underneath with colourful prints, so the wear-and-tear of your butt doesn't ruin the image. Eighteen different lines are available, including Feather, Smiley, Grand soir, Baroque (which is the line mine is from) and JC de Castelbajac -- a collab with the funky designer which produced such results as the mondrian-esque colour-blocks and the cartoony guys you see below. If you're feeling real creative, you can also design your own pattern, from alternative colour palettes to patterns to drawing or printing logos, names or even PHOTOGRAPHS onto your furniture piece of choice. And while the sensible, romantic thing to do would be to print iconic art pieces or dreamy black-and-white photography (like, say, my chair photos on a chair, how great would that be), the irrational and usually hidden side of me says "Duuude, get a chair with your DOG'S FACE on it, or even better, your OWN!"

Get your Acrila fix in Hong Kong at Kitchen + Interiors, Shop 102-103, Ruttonjee Centre, 11 Duddell St, Central.

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