Friday, June 24, 2011

Pastel Prism

It would appear that Easter Egg pastels are in this season, if the congruence of nail polish hue meant anything when Erica, Mandy and I got together at the Hotel Icon's Green coffee shop. Not to get off topic but Hotel Icon is officially my favourite hotel in Hong Kong. Freeman Lau (my favourite) plus the moistest cupcakes ever plus awesome REAL art by local artists plus a Patrick Blanc-designed grow house scaling a three-storey lobby wall? Count me in.

Anyway, the girls were sporting an awesome lilac that I'm regretting not getting (Erica's is China Glaze Light As Air I believe) and that's my homemade mani with Nail Tek ridge-filling base coat (works EXACTLY the same as the Essie matte if you use it as a topcoat, bizarrely), Color Club Sheer Disguise and the best quick-dry topcoat I've used from Seche Vite. Any imperfections are due to my lack of skill, rather than the polishes, although the Sheer Disguise is a bit streaky until you do a third coat.

Get them all at Cher2.

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