Thursday, June 23, 2011

Point and Shoot

In the world of digital cameras, there is still something comforting about the excitement of waiting for film to develop and see what your pictures will turn out to be like. ShoeGeek got me a Lomo camera for my birthday one year and I had the most fun taking random images until I developed it. To my dismay, it was a malfunctioning camera (it was one of those action shot cameras with four lenses and one of the lenses didn’t work) so I ended up with these random black stripes in my photos. It made for interesting conversations when people look at those photos and ask what’s the deal with the black stripe thinking that I’m all artistic and what not. If you are not a lazy bum and actually like getting photos developed, Lomo has come out with a super-wide angle fish can camera called La Sardina with a range of colours (rumour has it that they will develop up to 1000 different styles). The first four up are El Capitán, Fischer’s Fritze, Sea Pride and Marathon. The La Sardina is a point and shoot camera, using 35mm film and equipped with a plastic wide-an¬gle lens. Priced at HKD 778 camera with flash (includes with yellow, red and blue filters ) and HKD 498 camera without flash. Technical details and where to buy after the cut.

• Film Type: Standard 135 roll film
• Exposure area: 36 x 24mm
• Lens focal length: 22 mm Aperture: 1:8 Angle of view: 88 degrees
• Focusing range: 0.6m - infinity Shutter speed: N (1/100), B (bulb) Multiple exposure: independent MX switch Flash contact: Unique Sardina flash contact
• Flash Sync: first curtain X-type synchronization
• Tripod socket thread: Standard ¼” tripod socket
• Cable release: Universal cable release socket

Lomography Gallery Store Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui
Mon-Sun 12pm to 7pm/ Tel: 2368-3230

Lomography Gallery Store Hong Kong Sheung Wan
Mon-Sun 11am to 7pm / Tel: 2915-2205

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