Monday, June 13, 2011

Bangkok Fashion Geek: Bag Lady

We are turning into Bangkok Fashion Geek this week as ShoeGeek and I hit up Bangkok over the long weekend. Mucho thanks to the lovely Nicola of the Four Seasons Bangkok who not only stuffed us full of food, offered us gorgeous rooms to stay in but also took us to all sorts of cool places.

While at Bangkok, ShoeGeek and I checked out Club 21 (what we consider the I.T. of Thailand) for some cool funky brands to discover. And the shop did not disappoint. We were both attracted to Miharayasuhiro’s bag which resembles a grunge version of the infamous Birkin. While I know some of you will find it fugly, there is something about this bag which tickles my fancy as a statement piece, that and the fact that I probably will never be able to afford a real Birkin anyway.

Club 21 is located at Erawan Bangkok Bangkok, Tel: +66 2 250 7719-20

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