Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bangkok Fashion Geek: Boots Loot

It’s always been a mystery to us why Boots isn’t readily available in Hong Kong. You’d think that someone would have brought this chain to our humble little city in the odd 100 years or so that we were a British colony but no, instead, Boots becomes somewhat of a novelty to us Honkers and is now a definite stop when we are in Bangkok. We had the most fun checking out the Soaps & Glory products which we deemed very similar in style to Benefit products from the highly recommended Sexy Mother Pucker (worth getting just for the name alone but both ShoeGeek and I sadly didn’t manage to get a hold of) to the Sugar Crush that claims to get rid of those ‘old lizard legs’. The beauty of Boots is their Botanics line which ShoeGeek’s friend Pat swears by and is priced very reasonably. Since we prefer to believe that Pat gets his amazing complexion not due to genetics but due to products, we stocked up aplenty when we were in Bangkok.

Boots is available just as readily as Starbucks is in Hong Kong, that is, around every corner on every street in Bangkok.

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