Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bottoms Up

Regular readers will know that us Geeks have a fondness for gummy candy what with us raving about the world’s largest gummy bear, a gummy bear chandelier and that huge ass gummy worm. Well continuing on the trend, we present to you, gummy shot glasses! The perfect hostess gift if you are going to a frat party, for what better combination can there be than shots of alcohol and gummy candy? Choose from two flavour collections for a set of six glasses per pack. I suspect they only split it up into two sets merely so they can call one collection RGB which includes 2 x Cherry (Red), 2 x Sour Apple (Green), and 2 x Blue Raspberry (Blue). The other set is called Soda (boring!) and comprises of 2 x Cola (Dark Brown), 2 x Orange (Orange), and 2 x Cherry Cola (Reddish Brown).

Available at our favourite Geek e-tailer, ThinkGeek for US$14.99 per collection.

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