Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bangkok Fashion Geek- Chatuchak Weekend Market

Anyone remotely familiar with Bangkok would know the Chatuchak Weekend Market so this post is less of an introduction and more of a recap of what we did. But for the uninitiated, the quick overview is that this is one of Thailand’s largest weekend markets and you can find all sorts of fun items from home décor to t-shirts to candles to cutlery.

So it’s Day One. We’ve flopped on the amazing Four Seasons bed for a couple minutes and forced ourselves to venture out with Nicola as our guide. After some Mango Tango which ShoeGeek will tell you more about in a later post, it was decreed that while the train market is what we want to check out, it would be wrong not to visit the weekend market so Nicola took us to her favourite fried chicken place and we proceeded to indulge in all sorts of fried goodness, the aforementioned fried chicken, a fried chicken salad and fried sausage. Yes, we are of the mind that if it can be deep fried, it can’t be bad.

ShoeGeek and I both fell in love with some wooden mortars and pestles ( I sense home made pesto being featured in an upcoming post) and also went a bit nutty over finding all sorts of gold gilded wooden frames to purchase.

We barely had time to explore the market and seeing as we hadn’t seen Nicola in a while, we decided it was more fun to sit by her recommended bar to people watch with ice cold beers and catch up on gossip. Unfortunately, we were so engrossed by the amazing characters wandering by that we didn’t manage to take pictures but key highlights included “white guy with monkey on back”, “Asian chick with giant fluffy tail on purse” and “teeny tiny jack russell whom we wanted to steal home.”

How to get there?
BTS Mo-Chit Station / MRT Chatuchak Station

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  1. Argh, all these Bangkok posts are killing me! I've now gone from "want" to "raging need". Looks like you had an awesome time!

  2. Foodie trip!!! This week is gonna be all Bangkok Fashion Geek hehe so you might go from ranging need to homicidal need!