Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bangkok Fashion Geek: Poster Boy

At Talat Rot Fai, aka the Train Market, we came across this awesome vintage travel poster for one of FashionGeek's day-job clients, Eastern & Oriental Express, and she immediately snapped a pic. Of course that night, from the safety of our Four Seasons mattresses with free wifi at our fingertips (my favourite travel perk), while FG was trying to figure out her eBay password so she could bid on vintage cameras, I started looking up reproductions of vintage travel posters, the perfect antique kitsch to add pizzazz to your apartment walls.

The search invariably began with Hong Kong, and turned up this lovely specimen in a cheongsam with a junk... and then another proclaiming our city "the Riviera of the Orient," a claim no one would dare to make today. The place to find these all is Artscape Galleries on eBay, which ships international for the somewhat pricey cost of US$14, but it's only $1 extra for the 2nd item, so it's well worth the option of buying more to improve the whole dollar-cost-average, or whatever the correct investment term is.

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