Friday, June 10, 2011

Fizzy Pop

I saw this shot of Jessica Alba at the CFDA Awards and thought a few things:

"Wow, she's so pregnant."
"Oh, I think that's DVF."
"Colour-blocking again?"
"Hm, that reminds me of the manicure I got a month or so back."
"I'm kind of thirsty. I could use some Fanta. Orange maybe, or grape."

Anyway, should you wish to channel this look, all you need is a tank and skirt which you can probably find at Zara or on Asos (try this in orange with this). If you want to replicate this manicure, I don't remember the exact colours the manicurist used, but try OPI's Atomic Orange along with We'll Always Have Paris for the tips. And if you want a Fanta Grape or Orange those are readily available at supermarkets all over Hong Kong. Grab me one too.


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