Monday, June 13, 2011

Bangkok Fashion Geek: Save Room

Bangkok is such a popular destination for Hongkongers and with good reason -- hot weather, good shopping, amazing food, massages at every turn... and above all, an economy weaker than ours, meaning all of the above can be had for just a fraction of what you'd spend back home. There was a time I'd go to Bangkok more often than Kowloon (sorry you Kowloonies, you don't want me there anyway, all I do is complain about the distance and make stupid "where's your passport" jokes).

I've stayed in just about every luxury hotel there is, and a few serviced apartments and boutique joints. Each has its merits, of course, but for the Geek pilgrimage to Bangkok we were invited by honorary Geek Nicola to stay at the Four Seasons Bangkok. We'd both been to the fab Thai restaurant in the lobby, Spice Market (yum, satays) without actually staying in the property -- for location, it's great, because it's slightly off Sukhumvit which means it's not crazy trafficky but it's close enough to everything (including Central World and a Skytrain station) that it's not a great hike out. I mean, Bangkok gets hot, so it's nice to be able to stop back now and then to change out of stinky, sweaty garments.

We were given a wonderfully appointed Deluxe View Room which had ridiculous views of a golf course -- yeah, a golf course in the middle of the city. Pretty sweet. Fresh fruits awaited and a plate of chocolates and macaroons, which were lovely but unfortunately wasted on us because we pigged out at every turn. On Day 3 before we hit the airport we managed to suck down the mango, which was sweet as... well, the room. But more about mangos later this week.

It's hard to get over the amount of space they give you in there. It makes you want to run around in circles like you're road runner and Monsieur Coyote is hot on your trail... which I didn't do, because it's rude to do so when you're sharing a room with other people. Even the bathroom was capacious enough to make someone want to get inside the shower and boogie... which she did, because I made her. Anyway, the main reason people (or I) stay at the Four Seasons isn't that, because certain things obviously differ from country to country. It's because of that bed -- soft and squishy but oh-so-enveloping, it's like you lie down to be hugged by a woman with giant bosoms who's also wearing a dress made of memory foam. Okay, maybe that doesn't sound super comfy, and actually kind of weird, but basically it feels good and cushy. And that is the biggest and best reason to stay there (well, that and the Aqua weekend brunch, from which we ate heartily and almost died)... because with all that eating and shopping and walking and eating and shopping, you really need a good night's sleep in Bangkok.

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